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Major Events

There were total 59 people participated in the "Workplace Conflict Management" which taught by Chief Executive Officer of Newmind EAP Consultation Co., Ltd, Huang, Chih-yi.
Inauguration of New Sandiaojiao En-route Radar was hosted by Minister of MOTC, Wang, Kwo-tsai and Director General of CAA, Lin, Kuo-shian. Maritime and Port Bureau, reporters and other partners were invited to witness the historic moment.
The 14th Meeting of the East Asia Air Traffic Management Coordination Group (EATMCG) was hosted online by Japan through a webinar on November 18th to 19th, 2021. All of attendants discussed information and working papers with regard to optimization of boundary separation, integration of regional air-traffic business, the development of Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) and establishment of mechanism for conducting Calculated Take-Off Time (CTOT) among members in East Asia. Core value of this meeting is providing safer and more effective air traffic service and allows all members well-prepared in advance of recovered traffic.
To discuss the prospect of the new generation ATM system and to enhance the ATS to cope with ICAO’s global plans, APAC regional plans and local needs, ANWS held a hybrid seminar on "The Trend of the Next-generation ATM System Development". 6 experts in air navigation services from around the world were invited to share their expertise and opinions on air traffic system technical trends. The seminar gathered more than 30 units from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Institute of Transportation, Civil Aviation Administration, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Ltd., military units, airlines, scholars, and ATS system providers, with more than 150 participants.
Director General of CAA, Lin, Kuo-shian hosted "The opening of the training center in Taoyuan Airport New Air Traffic Control Tower and instructor Lee, Hong-ming's model airplane donation ceremony" in Taoyuan Airport New Air Traffic Control Tower. The event was warm and moving. The 358 airplane models collected by instructor Lee, Hong-ming during his lifetime were formally donated to ANWS for educational purpose in the future.
ANWS implements the Runway Condition Report (RCR) operation in coordination with ICAO’s policy simultaneously. By taking into account of the results of airport runway condition, the operation of pilot, the performance of the aircraft and the flight service, ANWS brings out a globally consistent common format, enabling relevant personnel to have a common understanding of the runway condition code, so that the pilot can quickly grasp the condition of each section of the runway and focus on operations to improve flight safety.
ICAO new SNOWTAM format is implemented. New SNOWTAM format contains aeroplane performance calculation and situational awareness section. AES users can check valid SNOWTAM for flight reference on AES web site.
ANWS received the first place honor of "Evaluation of Document Performance" from CAA.
Three sessions of "AES User Training" were held at Taipei and Taoyuan areas on October 13th and 18th, with a total of 67 participants from ANWS, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Ltd, airports under CAA, airlines, the National Airborne Service Corps and Ground Handling companies. During the training sessions, participants were provided with new SNOWTAM format and its reporting interface of the AES, aeronautical information operations and information security, and underwent opinion exchange on flight information services.
To improve training effectiveness, ANWS hosted the Competence Based Training & Assessment (CBT&A) Workshop for Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs).