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Prescribed Number of Personnel and The Size of Staff

Established in accordance with Article 5 of the “Organization Act of the Civil Aviation Administration of the MOTC”, the Air Navigation and Weather Services (ANWS), CAA., MOTC. consists of 19 first-class units and 59 second-class units, tailored to the organization’s scale, staff, scope of work, and nature of its tasks. These units are responsible for six principal functions, including equipment maintenance, aeronautical meteorology, flight information, aeronautical telecommunication, air traffic control, and administrative affairs. ANWS’ first-class units are as follows:

Implementation units (15 units)

Air Traffic Service Management Office, Engineering Office, Safety and Planning Office, ATM Program Office, Logistics Office, Taipei Area Control Center, Taipei Approach Control Tower, Kaohsiung Approach Control Tower, Taipei Flight Information Center, Taipei Aeronautical Telecommunication Center, Taipei Aeronautical Meteorological Center, Information Management Center, Taipei Aviation Facilities Sector, Taoyuan Aviation Facilities Sector, and Kaohsiung Aviation Facilities Sector.

Supporting unit (4 units)

Secretariat, Personnel Office, Accounting & Statistics Office, Civil Service Ethics Office

The current organizational regulations for ANWS came into effect on September 15, 2023. The total staff allocation consists of 1,099 personnel and staffing budget allocation in recent years is as follows:

YearThe Size of Staff
2012 905
2013 902
2014 901
2015 901
2016 933
2017 915
2018 912
2019 908
2020 946
2021 986
2022 1024
2023 1050
2024 1079