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Aeronautical Meteorology


Aeronautical Meteorology: an introduction (including all stations)

Regarding the airport weather , the Taipei Aeronautical Meteorological Center (including all Aeronautical Meteorological stations) provides the Meteorological Aviation Routine Weather Reports (METAR), Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF), aerodrome warning, and wind shear warning to the airports in Songshan, Taoyuan, Kaohsiung, Fongnian, Kinmen, Lanyu, Ludao, Hengchun, Beigan, and Nangan. In addition, the weather observers and forecasters also continuously watch weather changes in different airports. When the weather change of an airport reaches a particular standard, the weather observers and forecasters would announce an aviation special weather report (SPECI) and terminal aerodrome forecast (TAF) to notify airplanes that are taking off or landing.

Aeronautical Meteorological Service Page (AMSP)
Aeronautical Meteorological information App

Regarding the en-route weather, the Taipei Aeronautical Meteorological Center also provides en-route weather forecast, warning and significant weather watching. The work items include the announcement SIGMET/AIRMET information of thunderstorm, in-flight icing, turbulence, and etc. for the Taipei FIR. In addition, significant weather charts (SIGWX CHART), aviation forecast of winds and temperatures aloft at specific points (WINTEMP), special air-reports (ARS), Typhoon advisory/warning, and other information will also be provided.

Java_based Multi-Dimensional Display System (JMDS)

Moreover, the Taipei Aeronautical Meteorological Center also provides aeronautical meteorology advisory and SIGMET briefing by phone or audio-visual communication. With various aeronautical meteorological Service systems (including Aeronautical Meteorological Service Page (AMSP), Java_based Multi-Dimensional Display System (JMDS), and Aeronautical Meteorological information APP, it provides the latest aeronautical meteorological information to related air traffic service.