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Major Events

Held a series of campus briefing sessions at Tamkang University, Fu Jen Catholic University, National Taiwan Ocean University and National Cheng Kung University for 2024 Civil Service Special Examination for Civil Aviation Personnel, on April 23rd, 24th, 26th and 30th, 2024.
The transition of ATMS-Extended Backup ATC System (EBAS) Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) has been completed to incorporate several functional improvements and interface enhancements, which will serve continuously as the backup system of Air Traffic Management System (ATMS) to ensure flight safety and efficiency in our region.
A group of 6 members from the Japan Weather Association (JWA) visited ANWS and participated in the "Meteorological Data Services Annual Conference" to discuss and exchange opinions about the latest developments in international aeronautical meteorological services, enhancing the quality of aeronautical meteorological services.
Director of ANWS, Huang Li-chun, was invited by Chaoyang University of Technology to discuss the topic of "Aviation Services in Taipei FIR" and share national examination information with students at CYUT.
A group of 3 from Department of Personnel of MOTC, accompanied by Deputy Director General of CAA, Lin Jiunn-liang and Director of ANWS, Huang Li-chun, visited Datunshan Navaids Site to understand air traffic services operation and staff duty status.
The construction commencement ceremony was presided over by Director of ANWS, Huang Li-chun for the replacement of Hualien radar.
ANWS assisted with the Taipei Public Library Main Branch's "Wu Da you Science Salon Lecture Event", introducing air traffic services in Taipei FIR.
The 2024 southern area annual retiree banquet was held in Hai Pao Xuan Kaohsiung Luxury Hall, there were total 35 retirees presented.
The 2024 northern area annual retiree banquet was held in Dazhi Denwell, there were total 133 retirees presented.
ANWS invited the Chief Corporate Safety Officer of STARLUX Airlines, Yang Chia-ming, to share insight and expertise in Starlux's Safety Management System, with a total of 65 participants.