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Major Events

A group of 3 members from Japan Weather Association visited ANWS and participated in the "Meteorological Data Service Annual Conference" to discuss and exchange opinions; enhancing the quality of aeronautical meteorological services.
ANWS assisted the China Aviation Development Foundation in their 2022 Air Forum Event, introducing the air traffic controller to the public on November 12th and 19th, 2022.
To optimize air traffic service between Taipei and Manila FIR, taking both flight safety and efficiency into account, the boundary separation at POTIB had been reduced from 50 miles to 30 miles. In addition to improving airway capacity, this change also satisfies the need of reducing carbon footprint and sustainable environmental protection.
The Deputy Director General of CAA, Lin, Jiunn-liang hosted the "Navigation Aids Facility Disaster Prevention and Response Drill" and visited Kaohsiung Airport Control Tower and Kaohsiung Weather Station to understand the optimization results of new control consoles and colleagues' work situation.
ANWS received first place honor of "Evaluation of Document Performance" from CAA.
ANWS held a post-training joint experience sharing seminar for the Air Traffic Controller flight expertise training program. The trainees shared the learning results of flight operations.
Minister of MOTC, Wang, Kwo-tsai accompanied by Director General of CAA, Lin, Kuo-shian and Director of Department of Navigation and Aviation, Ho, Shu-ping visited Beigan Airport Control Tower to understand air traffic services operation.
Director of Planning Division of CAA, Chen, Jau-yuh led 6 staffs to visit North ATS Park for 2022 Citzen-Service Assessment.
The former CEO of Taiwan Transportation Safety Board, Chang, Wen-huan, gave a three-hour seminar entitled "A self-review of life in Aviation and the reflection in aviation safety", with a total of 99 participants.
Deputy Director General of CAA, Lin, Jiunn-liang visited South ATS Park to understand the operation situation by visiting the approach control and simulator room.