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Meteorological Equipment

There are AWOS, LLWAS, AOAWS, MDS and JMDS to provide weather information during a flight.AWOS consisting of wind direction, wind speed, tempetature, dew points, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, runway visibility, cloud height and other major meteorological parameters is used for weather forecast.

wind sock

Wind Sock

cloud ceilometer

Cloud Ceilometer

Visibility meter

Visibility Meter

Meteorological Equipment
Automatic Weather Observation System
28 sets

Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l Airport(6 sets), Kaohsiung Int'l Airport(2 sets) and Taipei Songshan(2 sets) / Beigan(2 sets) / Nangan(2 sets) / Kinmen Shangyi(2 sets) / Hengchun(2 sets) / Qimei(2 sets) / Wangan(2 sets) / Taitung Fongnian(2 sets) / Ludao(2 sets) / Lanyu Airport(2 sets)

Low Level Windshear Alert System
2 sets

Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l Airport, Taipei Songshan Airport

Advanced Operational Aviation Weather System
1 set

Taipei Aeronautical Meteorological Center