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Rules for Applying

Please read the following rules before planning and registering your visits to ANWS.

Rules for Applying Visits to ANWS, CAA, MOTC

Issued on 11 July, 2023.


These Rules are set in order to enhance a wide array of visitors’ understanding about Air Navigation & Weather Services (ANWS) and to promote business cooperation and collaboration with relevant service providers; at the same time, ensure the normal and safe operation of our air traffic control, aeronautical meteorology, flight information, aeronautical telecommunications, and aeronautical electronics services.


Units or personnel applying for a visit are not allowed to directly or indirectly charge fees with business behavior. ANWS may not approve the application if they violate the rules.


Groups or individuals who wish to register a visit should send the application form to and be approved by ANWS at least 7 working days prior to the visiting date. ANWS will appoint on-site staff members to guide the tour and do the orientation during the whole visit. Application form can be found at ANWS website:


ANWS only accepts applications from groups or individuals of the following:

  1. (1) Domestic and foreign VIPs.
  2. (2) Working in the related domains with ANWS, such as government officials, the civil aviation industries, relevant research units or community groups.
  3. (3) Specified project approved by ANWS.


Media interviews and filming shall be approved by CAA.


Each visiting group should be with no more than 30 visitors. Groups with over 10 visitors are required to split up to smaller subgroups upon arriving ANWS sites and before entering the working area; each subgroup should be with no more than 10 people. Considering that some operating units have limited space and manpower, ANWS reserves the right to adjust the number of people.


Available visiting dates are coincide with government office dates (i.e., excluding weekends and public holidays). ANWS has the right to reschedule your visiting dates and hours.


To retain the normal operation of our services, other than specified projects approved by the CAA or ANWS, each sector shall take up to maximum 3 visits per month. In addition, visits to ATC sectors (including controlled towers) are limited to VIPs, groups from relevant work fields in government officials, or the civil aviation industries.


To prevent affecting the frontline operation of air traffic control services, ANWS has the right to limit the tour area in the ATC operation rooms.


Visitors shall wear identity badges at all time during the visit and follow the rules of the visiting units. During the tour, if any occurrence intervenes operation or involves safety concerned issues, ANWS guide staff has the right to discontinue the tour. If visitors destroy ANWS instrument or equipment, or involve in other unlawful actions, ANWS has the right to hold the person(s) accountable.


These Rules become effective since issued date.