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Flight Information


Taipei Flight Information Center(FIC), along with Taipei International NOTAM Office (NOF) and three subordinate Flight Information Stations, is responsible for providing flight information services in Taipei FIR. Taipei International NOF is collocated with FIC. The three flight information stations are located separately at Taoyuan International Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport, and Taipei/SongShan Airport.

Taipei International NOTAM Office

NOTAM and Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB)

Taipei International NOTAM Office is responsible for NOTAM, Pre-flight Information Bulletin (PIB), and Checklists.


The service is provided in accordance with the provisions contained in ICAO Annex 15 - Aeronautical Information Services.

NOTAM contain information concerning the establishment, condition or change in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard, the timely knowledge of which is essential for personnel concerned with flight operations. The text of each NOTAM contains the information in the order shown in the ICAO NOTAM format and is composed of the significant/uniform abbreviated phraseology assigned to the ICAO NOTAM Code complemented by ICAO abbreviations, indicators, identifiers, designators, call signs, frequencies, figures and plain language. NOTAMs are classified as follows:

  • Series A: NOTAM containing the information of concern to international civil aviation and AIP amendment are given selected international distribution.
  • Series C: NOTAM containing the information of concern to aircraft other than those engaged in international civil aviation are given national distribution only.
  • Series U: NOTAM containing the information of concern to drone/unmanned aerial vehicle activities are given selected international distribution.

NOTAM containing information of direct operational which

  • of short duration, or
  • appropriate to AIP or its Supplements but immediate dissemination is required.

Each NOTAM is assigned a four-digit serial number, according to its series , and followed by a stroke and two digits indicating the year of issuance. The serial numbers start with 0001 at 0000UTC on 1st January every year.

NOTAM originating from Taipei FIR are exchanged between Taipei International NOTAM Office and 93 International NOTAM Offices and designated organizations.

AES Taipei FIR Navigation Warning Chart

Pre-Flight Information and Post-Flight Information Services

Flight Information Stations at Taipei/Taiwan Taoyuan International Aerodrome, Kaohsiung International Aerodrome and Taipei/Songshan Aerodrome provide the following Flight Information Services:

  • Briefing for NOTAMs concerning airways, communication facilities, navigation aids, aerodromes, gun firing and military exercises. Present "Taipei FIR Navigation Warning Chart" and "Taipei FIR Aerodrome Chart/NOTAM."
  • Daily Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB) are available for distribution at the Flight Information Station. Airlines could also obtain NOTAM, PIB and Taipei FIR Navigation Warning Chart via website
  • Weather briefing of current and anticipated en-route weather and terminal forecast of destination and alternate aerodromes. Airlines could also obtain Weather information via website
  • Forward to units concerned the Post Flight Pilot Reports, written by pilots who have comments on navigation aids, communication, meteorological, air traffic control, airport services or any other information of the serviceability of air navigation facilities that they have noted during the flight, for remedial measures when necessary.

Flight Plan Acceptance

Taoyuan, Kaohsiung, Taipei Flight Information Stations (FIS) are authorized for acceptance of flight plans departing from Taipei FIR.

Flight plans for flights approved by CAA or airport authorities can be submitted in person, by FAX or AFS to FIS, or submitted through Aeronautical E-service (AES) website, or Web Service.

A flight plan and associated DLA,CNL,CHG message in correct format will be transmitted to the appropriate ATC units. Applicants can check the status of a flight plan from AES website.

AES Taipei FIR Aerodrome Chart/NOTAM
Aeronautical E-Service website (AES)

Aeronautical E-Service website (AES)

Aeronautical E-Service website provides automated and integrated self-briefing service, including flight plan filing, briefing of NOTAM and weather information. Airline operators can get the planned pre-flight briefing at any time via AES.


AES also provide graphic NOTAM for "Taipei FIR Navigation Warning Chart" and "Taipei FIR Aerodrome Chart/NOTAM". Pilots can catch the NOTAM more clearly by the AES graphic NOTAM function.