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Project Background

The Existing Taoyuan International Airport ATC Tower

Taoyuan International ATC Tower with 46m height has been operated for over than 30 years since its opening in 1979. The airport daily flights are now increased about 7 times than the origin services, and by the end of 2017, the average of daily flights reached more than 670. Due to the existing space was not sufficient to fulfill the equipment expansion requirement, in order to meet the air traffic growth, to enhance air traffic service efficiency, this project was developed to build a new ATC Tower that can support the international airport with high traffic services, and can sustain the annual services around 340,000-400,000 flights in the next 20 years. The design of ATC Tower will be a national gateway landmark and embellish the overall airport landscape.

Project Basis

This project was permitted by Executive Yuan official letter Ref.1010038406 dated July 20th, 2012, and Ref.1070030858 dated September 3, 2018. Total budget for this project is NTD 1,271,720,000, and the project period is from January 2013 to December 2019.

Project Duration

Calendar of Events


Calendar of Events
2019.12.16 The opening ceremony was held for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport new ATC Tower.
2019.11.20 The construction of new tower building was completed.
2019.10.17 The operation transition to Tower Automation system in the new tower control room was completed.
2019.09.24 ATC tower staffs and devices in the control room of old tower were relocated to new tower for conducting parallel operational test.
2019.08.14 The implementation of Tower Automation System was completed.
2019.07.21 The 720 hours Confidence Test of Tower Automation System was completed.
2018.12.21 The cadre trainings of Tower Automation System were completed.
2018.10.26 The Site Acceptance Test of Tower Automation System was completed.
2018.07.31 The construction of the new ATC Tower's annex was completed.
2018.06.05 Public art's promotion lecture and kite design competition awarding ceremony were held.
2017.10.31 Complete the testbed integration test of Tower Automation System.
2017.10.05 Topping-out ceremony was held for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport new control tower .
2017.08.30 Complete the factory tests of the tower automation system .
2017.07.24 Complete the public selection and price negotiation of the public art installation project. Two teams were awarded, “Guardian of The Sky” by Kingstone Art Culture Design Co., Ltd. will be installed at the outdoor square, and in the entrance lobby will be placed kite art “ The starry garden” by Huang Jingyi/ Baifuao Culture Co., Ltd..
2017.01.08 The new ATC Tower was contructed by slip-form method from December 21th, 2016 to January 8th, 2017,  completed the 4.5m radius, 55m height new ATC tower.
2016.07.20 The construction commencement ceremony held for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport new control tower.
2016.05.18 Contract commencement date of “The construction of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport new control tower”.
2016.04.19 “The construction of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport new control tower” has been awarded to Chia Cheng Construction Co., LTD.
2015.11.27 Tower Automation System has been awarded to Saab Technologies B.V.
2015.11.12 Complete pre-construction- relocating the navigation and communication systems.
2015.09.16 Complete the detailed design.
2015.03.19 Complete the review work of basic design.
2014.04.07 Design and construction supervision service has been awarded to Sinotech Engineering Consultant, joint venture with Aeroports de Paris (ADPI), and Hwashin Architects.
2013.03.21 “Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport New Air Traffic Control Tower Project Management Service” has been awarded to T.Y. Lin Taiwan Consultant Engineers, Inc.
2012.07.20 Project approval by Executive Yuan official letter No.1010038406, in July 20th, 2012.