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Other Aviation Service System


Air Traffic Services (ATS) Message Handling System, AMHS, is an important information system for aeronautical communication and international ATS message exchange. It is also an important communication hub for air traffic service of our country.


Aeronautical Information Service System, AISS, provides real time and complete aeronautical information.


Other service systems provide enroute, approach and airport weather information to ensure flight safety.

Other Aviation Service Systems
Air Traffic Services (ATS) Message Handling System (AMHS) 3 sets

North ATS Park (2 sets) and South ATS Park

Working Position: ATS units of ANWS, airports, airlines, military and related government units

Aeronautical Information Service System(AISS) 2 sets

North and South ATS Parks

Working Position: Taipei, Taoyuan and Kaohsiung Flight Information Station

Voice/Datalink meteorological information for aircraft in flight (V/D-VOLMET) System 1 set

North ATS Park

Voice/Datalink Automatic Terminal Information Service System (D-ATIS) 4 sets

Taipei, Songshan, Taichung Cingcyuangang and Kaohsiung Airport Control Tower

Voice Automatic Terminal Information Service System (ATIS) 5 sets

Fongnian, Magong, Kinmen, Nangan and Beigan Airport Control Tower