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2020 Annual Report

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2020 Annual Report
  • Published Date: 2021/08/10
  • Publication No: GPN:2010600405、ISSN:2222-7725
  • Publishing House: Air Navigation and Weather Services, CAA, MOTC
  • Language: English、中文
  • Author: Air Navigation and Weather Services, CAA, MOTC
  • Price: 200
In 2020, the world faced severe challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With tourism and aviation industries taking the biggest hit, the impact on the economy was significant. During this time, we worked relentlessly to uphold epidemic prevention policies while we continued to maintain the high standards and quality of flight safety and air traffic services. Thanks to the support from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Civil Aviation Administration, the military, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation as well as various airports and civil aviation operators; we were able to ensure a continuous development of aviation during such difficult times. While total flight movements, overflight movements, traffic volumes in Taoyuan International Airport, and Air Navigation and Weather Services (hereinafter referred to as ANWS) revenues have all decreased in 2020, our effort to safeguard flight safety and improve service quality remains unabated. Furthermore, we have continued to expand our service capacity in accordance with international developments, elevating our focus in flight safety, and enhancing administrative governance.
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2020 Annual Report
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