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2019 Annual Report

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2019 Annual Report
  • Published Date: 2020/07/16
  • Publication No: GPN:2010600405、ISSN:2222-7725
  • Publishing House: Air Navigation and Weather Services, CAA, MOTC
  • Language: English、中文
  • Author: Air Navigation and Weather Services, CAA, MOTC
  • Price: 200
2019 is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Air Navigation and Weather Services (hereinafter referred to as ANWS), which has encountered countless challenges since its establishment. Thanks to the support of the MOTC, CAA, Military Authorities, Taoyuan International
Airport Corporation Ltd., airports and civil aviation operators, as well as the efforts of all predecessors and colleagues of the ANWS. We continue to achieve outstanding results and break records with the total number of controlled flight movements in Taipei Flight Information Region (hereinafter referred to as Taipei FIR) up to 1.85 million, the overflight movements up to 241,000, the aircraft movements at Taoyuan International Airport up to 267,000, and the total surplus reaching over NT$2.06 billion in 2019 !
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2019 Annual Report
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