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Major Events

A group of 47 from Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF) visited the air traffic control operation room at the North ATS Park to gain more understanding of the air traffic control operations in Taipei FIR and to conduct aviation professional exchanges.
The LDA/DME replacement of Runway 28 at Songshan Airport have been completed, ensuring the operational safety of aircrafts, and improving the availability and reliability of equipment.
A group of 16 from China Airlines visited North ATS Park to exchange operational experience and enhance mutual understanding.
Director of NCAR, Dr. Everette Joseph and senior scientist of EOL, Li, Wen-chao visited North ATS Park to exchange opinion on topics including the latest advancements in the United States' numerical weather prediction models and radar technology, as well as the transfer of aviation meteorology algorithmic techniques.
Two enroute controllers from Incheon Area Control Center, South Korea visited the Air Traffic Control Operation Room at the North ATS Park to gain more understanding of the air traffic control operations in Taipei FIR and to exchange discussion over related businesses.
ANWS staff members attended "CANSO Asia Pacific Annual Conference Meeting " to share the outcome of our Air Traffic Management System Mid-Term Upgrade Project and discuss about how to create an environment which encourages innovation, and the challenges of air traffic flow management in this region from July 10th to 13th, 2023.
Deputy Minister of Public Construction Commission of Executive Yuan,Yeh, Che-liang led members to visit North ATS Park for 2023 Critical Infrastructure Protection inspection, with a total of 71 participants.
An audit team composed of experts and representatives from the Administration for Cyber Security, MODA went to North ATS Park for the 2023 information security audit.
An aviation experience camp, organized by the Taoyuan Union of Pilots, had been held to visit the Taipei Airport Control Tower to promote awareness and appreciation for the aviation industry while fostering a passion for aviation among participants.
Held the" 2023 Notification and Data Preparation Drill for Aircraft Crashes or Major Accidents" which included the NAVIADs malfunction scenario for the first time.