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Major Events

Taipei and Hong Kong coordinated a small-scale CTOT trial for flights departing from Taoyuan International Airport to Hong Kong International Airport from 12pm to 18pm, June 8 to 12, 2020. By means of CTOT, we are looking forward to reduce the delay that might happen during the flight, and expecting beneficial to the flight safety and efficiency.
The AMHS/CRV connection between Taipei FIR and HONG KONG FIR was commenced.
LDA/DME of runway 03 in Beigan Airport have been replaced, enhancing flight safety and quality of air traffic services.
The separation interval reduction between Hong Kong and Taipei FIR over the handover point KAPLI was activated. The interval for traffic on the same speed reduce from 30 NM to 20 NM, and for the traffic that succeeding faster than the preceding one adjust to 40 NM from non-radar separation. This change will reduce the complexity of work and improve the cooperation of air traffic control services between the two parties being smoother and safer.
Runway centre line lights of Taipei Songshan Airport have been launched. The lights benefit the identification for aircraft takeoff and landing, ensuring the operational safety of aircrafts.
Digital Voice Communication Switch System(DVCSS) have been launched in Beigan, Nangan, Hengchun, Songshan, Kinmen, Magong and Fongnian Airport Control Towers on February 10th and 17th respectively, enhancing the availability of equipment and the clearance of communication, and ensuring the quality of air traffic services.
A group of 10 from the 6th Combined Wing of ROCAF visited South ATS Park to learn about the operation of air traffic control and exchange opinions of daily work coordination issues.
Deputy Director General of CAA, Ho, Shu-ping visited Magong Navaids Site, Matsu Navaids Site and Datunshan Navaids Site, and distributed Chinese New Year subsidies on January 13th, 16th, 17th and 21st respectively.
Director General of CAA, Lin, Kuo-shian visited Chiayi Navaids Site, Tainan Navaids Site, Taitung Navaids Site, Sandiaojiao Radar Site and Binjiang area, and distributed Chinese New Year subsidies on January 3rd, 8th, 13th and 22nd respectively.
Deputy Director General of CAA, Fang, Chih-wen visited Kinmen Navaids Site, Hualien Navaids Site, Hengchun Navaids Site, Taoyuan Airport New Air Traffic Control Tower, North and South ATS Parks, and distributed Chinese New Year subsidies on January 2nd ,7th ,8th and 17th respectively.