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Major Events

A group of 21 from China Airlines visited the Taipei Area Control Center and Taipei Approach Control Tower to gain more understanding of the air traffic control in Taipei FIR and to exchange operational experiences.
ANWS assisted the Department of Education of Lienchiang County Government with the 2023 Enhancement for Sea Rescue and Flight Safety Seminar by introducing air traffic services in Taipei FIR.
ANWS held Safety Culture Promotion Day Event. The event’s topics included "Positive Safety Culture and Voluntary Report Promotion" and sharing sessions by the winners of the "Best Annual Safety Report Competition" and operational units on their "Identified Risks and Reactions".
Director of Planning Division of CAA, Chen, Jau-yuh led 7 staffs to visit North ATS Park for 2023 Citizen-Service Assessment.
A group of 30 from The Control Yuan and Aviation Police Bureau, National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior went to Taipei Airport Control Tower for 2023 police command post exercise for Taoyuan International Airport's critical security facilities.
Hosted 2023 ANWS Badminton contest, with a total of 100 participants.
Director of Air Traffic Services Division of CAA, Tsai, Tsung-ying led 2 staffs to visit Taipei Airport Control Tower for 2023 "Navigation Aids Facility Disaster Prevention and Response Drill".
Chief of Staff of the 8th Field Army Corps Headquarters, Hou, Chia-lun led a delegation of nearly 70 members to visit Kaohsiung Approach Control Tower to learn about air traffic control operations, airspace environment and other related operations.
2 Jeju controllers from South Korea visited North ATS Park and Songshan Airport Control Tower to gain more understanding of the air traffic control operations in Taipei FIR and to exchange related business experiences from November 14rh to 15th, 2023.
7 sessions of Civil-Military ATC Workshop Tour and Airport Control Operations Seminar were held in the northern, central and southern part of Taiwan, aiming to build a smooth communication and enhance the cooperation capabilities between both parties from November 13th to 29th, 2023.