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Major Events

"Liuqiu Natural Ecological Tour" was held in southern area to celebrate the 51st anniversary of ANWS, with a total of 60 participants.
CAA Planning Division Director ,Chen, Jau-yuh led 9 staffs to visit ANWS for 2020 Citzen-Service Assessment.
Three sessions of "AES User Training" were held at Taipei and Kaohsiung areas on September 7th and 9th, respectively, with a total of 189 participants. During the training sessions, participants were provided with new functions of the AES, and underwent opinion exchange on flight information services.
In order to implement Just Culture and Report Culture in our daily operations, ANWS hosted "The Performance of Just Culture Workshop". Different units exchanged their experiences by demonstrating and conducting Q&A with posters they made, with a total of 45 participants.
“The Great Roots Original Woods and Sanxia Old Street trip” was held in northern area to celebrate the 51st anniversary of ANWS, with a total of 172 participants.
AES enhanced function of ICAO new format SNOWTAM proposal and on Airspace NOTAM view UAS NOTAM only to provide a more comprehensive Flight Information service.
ANWS corresponded with the Chinese Aeronautical Meteorological Association (CAMA) to give a lecture on Aviation Meteorology by Mr. Cheng Chia-Ping, the Deputy Director-General of the Central Weather Bureau. It aims to discuss open weather data, smart applications, and improve the quality of aviation weather services in Taipei FIR, with a total of 80 participants.
Information regarding space weather, tropical cyclones, and volcanic ash services has been available on Aeronautical Meteorological Service Page.
Hosted 2020 Table Tennis contest, with a total of 134 participants.
The VOR in Ludao has been replaced , ensuring the operational safety of aircrafts, and improving the availability and reliability of equipment.