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Major Events

ANWS invited the Chief Executive Vice President of EVA AIR, Ho, Ching-sheng, to share "EVA Air’s flight safety culture- Creating an overall safety culture". The meeting was held in hybrid mode, with a total of 112 participants.
Hosted the "2023 Word Bicycle Day" from Guandu to Fuzhou, with a total length of 23 km. On this day, Director General of CAA, Lin, Kuo-shian, Director of Department of Navigation and Aviation, Ho, Shu-ping, Deputy Director of Department of Navigation and Aviation Han, Chen-hua and Director of ANWS, Huang, Li-chun led the ride, with a total of 70 participants.
Director of ANWS, Huang, Li-chun visited Qimei Airport Control Tower to inspect the status of the tower and related navigation equipment and appreciate stationed colleagues' efforts on May 15th to16th, 2023.
Hosted the 2023 opening ceremony of ATC flight expertise training program, with a total of 2 sessions and 20 trainees.
The inauguration of New Songshan Radar was held, presided over by Deputy Director General of CAA, Lin, Jiunn-liang, local and foreign manufacturers and dedicated staff were invited to attend the ceremony.
Acceptance of CommonWealth Magazine interview regarding topics of overflight and air traffic services charges.
Hosted 2023 Table Tennis contest, with a total of 160 participants.
A group of 28 from Department of Transportation and Communication Management Science, National Cheng Kung University visited South ATS Park to understand air traffic control operations.
The ILS replacement of Runway 10 in Songshan Airport have been completed, ensuring the operational safety of aircrafts, and improving the availability and reliability of equipment.
The AWOS replacement at Qimei Airport and Wangan Airport have been completed, providing accurate and stable airport weather information, further improving aeronautical meteorological service quality.