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Major Events

The construction commencement ceremony was held for the replacement of Sandiaojiao radar.
The replacement of Hengchun VOR was completed and commissioned for reliability enhancement, ensuring quality of air traffic services.
Three sessions of "AMSP User Training" were held at Aviation Training Institute on December 2nd, 7th and 9th, with a total of 93 participants. The training events covered operation of the aeronautical meteorology system, business progress, and latest ICAO regulations, as well as opinion exchange on aeronautical meteorology services.
Hosted the 2020 opening ceremony of ATC flight experity training program, with a total of 2 sessions and 20 trainees.
Hosted 2020 the ANWS Cup Slow Pitch Softball Tournament, with a total of 78 participants.
ANWS has converted its usage of traditional digital codes to IWXXM format, in accordance with ICAO regulations. The conversion involves routine and special weather reports (METAR/SPECI) and Airport Forecast (TAF) in Songshan, Taoyuan, Kaohsiung, Fongnian, Cingcyuangang and Tainan Airports, as well as the Taipei FIR's significant hazardous weather (SIGMET) information. The information transcribed in the new format are then sent to ROBEX for international exchange.
The 2020 southern area annual retiree banquet was held in Hai Pao Restaurant Group, there were total 30 retiree seniors presented.
Deputy Director of Aviation Training Institute, Hsu, Chih-ting was succeeded to Deputy Director of ANWS.
The 2020 northern area annual retiree banquet was held in Dazhi Denwell, there were total 131 retiree seniors presented.
For the trial run operated by Philippine Platinum Skies, from Manila to Hengchun, Pingtung Magistrate, Pan, Men-an led 4 members to visit Hengchen Airport Control Tower to welcome the quest and understand air traffic services operation.